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SUMMER 2021!

Can you believe it? We're back! In some ways it took months to test the waters on stage, and cautiously watch the crowds grow to a safer level. In other ways, we had to be understanding if a show canceled or postponed, and we needed to move it to another date.

Well, those dates are all coming back this summer... bear with me as I figure out how to do all this again!

While there are still plenty of private shows on my calendar, the live club and honky-tonk dates are returning, and I'll do my best to update y'all. Best way to follow is on this website's shows, and on BandsinTown at @justdaveband

July is a monster and August is filling up. Time to update it now, actually... JDB


Do we have some catching up to do! I'm sure you can guess that, during this time, it's been difficult to work as a musician, or even congregate to keep the music flowing. While I'd like to say I spent the entire apocalypse writing new music, I actually spent it growing the reach of The California Country Show, my weekly country music radio show and occasional podcast. Please check it out at california-country.com 

I'm also happy to report that we'll finally be getting back out as a band again. Slowly, and safely, is the plan. After 2 of us actually CAUGHT Coronavirus during the false hope of reopening back in June, we're definitely picking and choosing venues we feel make a serious effort to protect the staff and the patrons, until we're all back full-force. For those of you reading this that have concerns, I'll do what I can to perform for you both online and live again, but in masked environments and with limited capacity. We're lucky. Most bands can't work, because the venues they play aren't open yet. I encourage everyone to take a moment to think about these bands and venues when heading out of the house. The simple act of wearing a mask in public will allow my friends and employers to open sooner. Politics and arrogance aside... thinking of my fellow artists would really help us all out right now. - Dave

May 2020

Just Dave's Solo Show V this Thursday May 14 6pm Pacific on Facebook live. Link below!

Hopefully everyone is safe 'in there' and washing those hands! First and foremost, I want to say that I miss you all so much. The crowds, the staff, the sound crew and especially the band members of wherever we play. It's been a while, and it may continue to be, so if you don't mind, follow our online exploits on Facebook and Instagram at @justdaveband for updates, past performances, live shows, and... wait... live shows? That's right!

In fact, Thursday April 16th at 7pm PDT, I'm taking a crack at it. More streaming shows to follow so head to https://faceboook.com/justdaveband for more!

NEWS: Dave's also going live April 22nd and 30th at 6pm on Facebook. Please tune in!

Following an appearance on Monday's "The Bachelor" on ABC, Just Dave Band is releasing the new single "Play the Hell Out of a Guitar" this Friday 1/24. Catch it on all social media platforms. And if you CANNOT wait, there's an advance stream/download available at justdaveband.bandcamp.com


"Play the Hell Out of a Guitar" the new single from Just Dave Band will release on all streaming and purchasing platforms on January 24, 2020. As seen on TV, you can follow Just Dave Band on Twitter, Instagram (and, sigh, sure, Facebook) @justdaveband for all updates and info.

And if you absolutely CANNOT wait to hear and download "Play the Hell Out of a Guitar" from Just Dave Band, you can find the pre-release on Just Dave Band's Bandcamp Page: CLICK HERE FOR LINK


Jan 2020: Happiest of New Years to you!

No time for reflection over here! January for JDB is in full swing and a culmination of the hard work of 2019 finally coming to fruition.

The biggest news this month is a single Just Dave Band is releasing of "Play the Hell Out of a Guitar". It's a raw, live-sounding tune about life on the road and how the choices we make can affect those that love us.

Here's a shot from the recording session with John Schreffler (we were trying so hard to look tough). Stay tuned and #StandbyForGreatness

Pictured: Kyle LaLone, Zack Hall, Matt Lesser, Dave Bernal, Adam Hall, John Schreffler


September I head to Americanafest in Nashville and have a few shows I'm playing, and co-producing with the California Country Show! Check these out when you're in town and also follow the California Country Show for more: www.facebook.com/calcountryshow 

The California Country Show at Americanafest

The California Country Show at Americanafest at Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, Sept 13 12pm-4:30pm, with Jim Lauderdale, Jaime Wyatt, Brian Wright, Garrison Starr, Leroy From the North, Manda Mosher, Just Dave Band, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, Ted Russell Kamp, Tawny Ellis. 

The California Country ShakeUp at Dee's

The California Country Shake Up at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge, Madison, TN, Sept 13 8-10pm. With Nikki O'Neill, Morrison and Co, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, Dave Bernal, Manda Mosher, Leroy From the North, Pi Jacobs, Tawny Ellis, Emily Zuzik, Szlachetka, Raihanna Estrada.

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