VIdeos of just dave band AND MORE

Just Dave Band on ABC's "The Bachelor". Scroll to 2:07 to hear "Rules to Live By" and the debut of "Play The Hell Out of a Guitar"

Dave on harmonica with Culture Club at the LA Forum. Dave's played a few CC shows along with Boy George solo since


The Buzz: Americanafest Showcase

Dee's Cocktail Lounge, Madison, TN

Gonna catch “THE BUZZ” in Nashville at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge during AMERICANAFEST 2021! 🐝 Come see us on Thurs. Sept. 23rd from 3-6pm!

Performances by: Bart Ryan, Pi Jacobs, Ted Russell Kamp Music, Tawny Ellis, Dave Bernal, Amilia K Spicer, Manda Mosher, David Newbould, Heather Lomax, Elijah Ocean, Deb Morrison and Kyle LaLone.

Prickly Pear Presents The California Country Show KG Music Press

Event Info / RSVP:

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